We can service mostly any of your grocery needs, we try to have it all! The unique thing is, you will also find items you will not find at your average grocery store. We have many specialty items and brands. We also feature Goya, and have their full line of products. At Carnival market you will also find many different Hispanic grocery, spices, sauces, beans, and seasonings.

Cookies and More!

Full aisle of imported chips, cookies, crackers and candies! The largest variety in the area!


Many different varieties of yogurts, drinks, and cheeses!

Imported Sodas

Large selection of imported soda and juices.

Imported Juices

Fresh juices, coconut water, yogurts, and more.

Fresh Homemade Salsa

We make over 14 different authentic salsas daily! Pair them up with our home made tortilla chips, and you have a snack unmatched for great taste!

Tortilla Chips

Homemade tortilla chips made daily, the fresh taste that can only be had from an authentic Mexican kitchen like Carnival Market!